“You need to start drinking protein shakes!” “Lift harder, you’ll get those gains!” If you are a man struggling to gain muscles, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this advice before.  The quest to build muscle mass can be very daunting, it’s easy on paper but extremely hard in actuality.

More often than not, men struggle to achieve lean mass because they fall victim to these critical mistakes:

Muscle-building Mistake #1: Not Eating Enough

Can you build a house with blueprints about construction workers but no raw materials? The simple answer is no. That’s exactly how one should look at building muscle.

To achieve the gains you want, you need the necessary nutrients to facilitate growth. When men fail to eat enough, they deprive their body the proteins, carbs, and fat that broken down into calories and used for repair and growth. Without excess calories, the resistance exercise they’re putting in won’t affect their muscles in any way.

Muscle-building Mistake #2: Inconsistency

Lack of consistency is the greatest enemy of men trying to bulk up. Come daylight, they’ll be hard at work at the gym, but as soon as they meet up with friends, they are devouring pizzas with a beer in their hand. Just because you need to eat to gain muscle does not mean you throw your dietary plan out the window.

You need to be consistent in your nutrition, training, and rest.

Muscle-building Mistake #3: Not Getting Enough Rest & Sleep  

Even though the work you put in in the gym is what causes your muscles to grow, change only occurs when you’re resting and sleeping.  While we are sleeping, the hormone responsible for muscle gain, human growth hormone (HGH), is at its highest then.

When you are sleep deprived, your body produces high levels of a catabolic hormone known as cortisol that breaks down muscle tissue.

Just like you charge your phone, they also need to sleep in order recharge their bodies.

Muscle-building Mistake #4: Too Much Cardio

 Adding cardio to an already inconsistent routine coupled with eating too little leaves most men struggling to show any muscle gain. If the main goal is betting built, then resistance training is what one should focus on.

They can add a little cardio here and there, but should not let it overshadow their other exercises.

Tips to Help You Get Gains

If you fall under this category of men making these mistakes, then chances are, you are working against yourself.

Step away from these mistakes and follow these three tips to help you enhance your muscle gains.

  • Incorporate isometric exercises

These exercises make the blood vessels that feed muscles stand out. Men who carry out isometric exercises, which involve performing part of an exercise without movement increase the size of their arteries by 11%.

  • Work out your biggest muscle

If you are a seasoned member of the gym, you’ll be able to muscles quickly if you focus on the large muscle groups like the chest, legs, and back.

  •  Eat something every three hours

Divide the number of calories you need in a day and divide it by six. That should give you a rough figure of how much you should eat every three hours.

If you know any guy struggling to gain muscle or if you are one of them, save yourself the torture and stop making these common mistakes. Instead, incorporate these tricks and more to get the results you want.