I get it,
you finally got round to working out, have been consistent with it, the gains
and improvements are incredible, and now you can’t imagine a day going by
without working out. While your passion is commendable able, you do need to
take it slow. Working out and training without giving yourself ample time to
rest and recover can actually revert all your progress and leave you feeling
burnt out.

Sure it’s
good to stick to a consistent routine, but if your routine does not include
rest, then you are overtraining yourself. When you are over trained, your body
slowly starts becoming weaker and you can longer keep up with both the
frequency and intensity of your routine. On top of an overall regression in
your progress, your body is now more prone to injuries like strains, sores,
muscle pulls, and others. 

Signs That You Are Overtraining

When you
overexert yourself in the gym, the tipping point is referred to as overtraining
syndrome (OTS).  The following signs and
symptoms are the biggest indicators that you are now overtraining:

  1. Decreased performance
  2. Increased perceived effort during
    seemingly effortless workouts
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Insomnia and restlessness
  5. Excessive fatigue
  6. Nagging injuries
  7. Moodiness and agitation
  8. Imbalances in your metabolism
  9. Psychological stress

Avoiding Overtraining

If you want
to ensure that you are not overtraining, implement the following strategies to
ensure that your routine has a balance between working out and resting.

  • Set

You are not supposed to train until you drop. Establish a healthy
routine, schedule, and duration that work best for you and your body.

  • Eat

 Research has it that carbohydrate
intake is vital to muscular recovery and energy. If you can help the body to
recover faster, you will reduce the incidence of overtraining.

  • Get
    some good rest

The vital aspect of overtraining is the failure of the body to recover
and rest enough; you will never be free from the possibilities of overtraining
if you are not resting. It is alright to introduce a siesta just to get more

  • Get

You do not always have to go in smoking hot. It is alright to alternate
your routines and stick to simple basic routines when you notice that you have
not fully recovered from the rigors of the previous workout routine.

  • Get
    regular massage

 Sometimes you get tension built up
deep within muscles and it might not wear off for a while; a good massage can
just do the magic and accelerate recovery and full functionality in record

  • Freshen

 One of the best ways to get past
overtraining and lack of gym results is to change your routines and have
something else you are not used to. It breaks the monotony, increases
excitement and stimulates the body and mind in new ways.

The paradox
of overtraining is one that affects many men during their health and fitness
journey. Don’t be your worst enemy by being counterintuitive in your workout,
train hard but account for rest as well.