Not all movements are created equal in the world of strength training.

Ask anyone who’s been working out for a long time, and they’ll all tell you the exact same thing – some moves are simply better than others.

But while there are definitely movements that are simply better for building muscle in general, what doesn’t get talked about is the fact that some exercises are better for specific purposes than others – including sex.

Why The Lower Body Matters

Most guys have a really bad habit of neglecting the lower half of their body.  The logic makes sense – your legs are covered by long pants half the year, so why bother building them up if they’re not visible?

This is a BIG MISTAKE.  Not only is lower body strength important for functionality in general, it’s critical for being a beast in the bedroom (for obvious reasons).

You’ll notice as you go through this list of exercises that many (but not all) of the movements here are lower body dominant.

Exercise #1 – Squats

There’s no question about it – when it comes to lower body exercises, squatting is KING.  Not only is it a huge compound movement that comes with a surge of testosterone, but it also builds every single muscle in the lower body – glutes, quads, calves, hamstrings – if it’s below the waist, the squat will build it.

Exercise #2 – Deadlifts

In addition to neglecting the lower body in general, many guys have a particularly bad habit of neglecting the posterior chain (i.e. the back of the body).  This includes the hamstrings and the glutes, two of the most vital muscles for building power and stamina while you’re having sex.

The deadlift is the ultimate remedy for this imbalance.  It works every single muscle in both the lower and upper part of the posterior chain, and will help turn you into an absolute stud in the bedroom.

Exercise #3 – Bulgarian Split Squats

We’ve talked about the role of the posterior chain, and the glutes in particular are critical to this.  Many people don’t realize this, but your glutes are actually the single biggest muscle in your body.

Unfortunately, the majority of guys out there have weak, lazy glutes, typically caused by muscular imbalances and a sedentary lifestyle (sitting at a desk all day).  The result is a diminished performance in almost any activity you can think of.

The barbell back squat will definitely help with this, but if you really want to start engaging your glutes, start working the bulgarian split squat into your routine as well (trust us when we tell you that if you do it correctly, your ass will be ON FIRE).

Exercise #4 – The Bench Press

While the lower body is king, the upper body definitely matters as well is you want to build that total package (the majority women love a well-built set of shoulders and arms to grab on to).

There are a few different exercises to choose from, but one of the best bang for your buck options here is the bench press.  Done properly, it will build phenomenal pushing strength and a thick, powerful upper body.