Let’s get one thing straight guys – looks matter to women.

There, we said it.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Of course, it’s not the ONLY thing women care about.  Your personality, charm, and the emotional connection you have with each other are all critical factors as well.

But at the end of the day, women really aren’t that different from us in this regard.

If you’re a single guy who’s looking to get more attention from the ladies, you probably intuitively know this.  But the reality is that even if you’re married or in a longterm relationship, maximizing your appearance and making your partner more attracted to you will do a lot for your sex life.

The good news is that most guys at any age can become at least decent looking fairly easily.

Your Fitness

Fitness is absolutely critical.  You’ll look better, feel better, and perform better in bed.

There are two factors that come into play here.  The first is muscle mass. While there is a limit, the more muscle you can build naturally (i.e. without using steroids), the better off you’ll be.  So make sure you’re training hard and hitting the gym at least three times per week.

The second factor is body fat.  Generally speaking, the leaner the better.  No, you don’t need a proper six pack to be attractive, but you should really do everything you can to get your body fat down.  Watch your calories, do your cardio, and stop putting crappy foods into your mouth, and you’ll be just fine.

Your Style

There’s nothing manly about dressing like crap.  Going to the mall and investing some money in a decent wardrobe is not only essential, it’s a fantastic “quick fix” that you can literally do TODAY.

The style you choose will depend largely on your age.  If you’re a younger guy, you can pull off a more casual (but still well put together) style.  If you’re an older guy, however, you should probably invest in more of the classic staples (suits, dress shoes, button down shirts, etc).

Your Grooming

Another hugely overlooked area for men. 

Fellas, if you have straggly nose hairs poking out of your face and you look like you haven’t showered in a week, most women aren’t going to want to have anything to do with you.  Get yourself a proper grooming routine – shaving, hair care, and “manscaping” (for those of you with excessive body hair) are all essentials.

You should also get yourself a decent haircut and make sure your hygiene is on point.

Your Skin

Like fashion and style, a lot of men still think skin care is for girls. 

Well it isn’t.  The quality of your skin says a lot about how well you take care of yourself.

Again, this is pretty easy for guys.  Wear sunscreen and buy a moisturizer.  And if you smoke and drink heavily, make sure you cut it out ASAP.

You’ll do a lot better with women if your face doesn’t look like a worn out baseball glove.